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3 Reasons to Choose Durham Upholstery in Seattle, WA for Your Auto Upholstery Needs

Posted on Jan 31 2023

 Durham Upholstery has been servicing Seattle and the surrounding area since 1956. With its remarkable 60-plus year history of excellence, Durham Upholstery is the perfect place to go for superior auto upholstery needs. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Durham Upholstery for your vehicle’s upholstering/interior design: 

1. Quality Craftsmanship 

– Whether you’re looking for a standard reupholster or something more complex, like custom auto upholstery, Durham Upholstery offers topnotch craftsmanship that can’t be found anywhere else. Their years of experience and expertise have resulted in unparalleled craftsmanship that will ensure your satisfaction with every project. In addition, customers can always trust the quality of their work as all projects are accomplished using the best materials available on the market today and then inspected multiple times to make sure our clients receive nothing short of perfection. 

Not only do they use the latest fabrics and materials to ensure that each job is done perfectly the first time around, but they even offer discounts on larger orders to ensure that their customers stay within budget. This kind of cost savings can be especially helpful when designing a custom auto interior design as it can help keep costs down without compromising quality or comfort. In addition to offering competitive prices for their auto upholster services, Durham also has a friendly and knowledgeable staff that is both courteous and eager to answer any questions you may have about your project from start to finish. 

2. Unique Style 

– At Durham Upholstery we understand no two vehicles are alike and each client has their own individual style they wish to reflect in their vehicle’s interior design! That's why we offer a variety of styles ranging from modern customization to classic restorations so everyone can find a look that fits them perfectly! We also provide consultations so our clients can bring their vision of their ideal interior design alive with our help!  

Using state-of-the art equipment and processes ensures that no detail goes overlooked as every step of the process is done with meticulous care by experienced technicians who know what they’re doing every step of the way. Additionally, if you’ve been thinking about adding custom touches such as embroidery or even laser cutting designs into your vehicle's interior design plans then you’ll be happy to know that these services are available at an affordable rate too! 

3. Industry Experience 

– As previously mentioned, Durham Upholstery has over 60 years experience in providing comprehensive solutions for auto upholsteries which equips us with an unrivaled industry knowledge base and expansive network connections to major suppliers meaning excellent pricing when it comes time for outfitting every luxury car imaginable at an affordable price point without sacrificing quality! Plus, our team members are highly trained professionals when it comes to fabrics as well as plastics used throughout automobile interiors so you know you're always getting high-quality products backed by expert installation services that guarantee continued satisfaction inside your car's cabin! 

Customer satisfaction is always top priority with any service oriented business such as Durham Upholstery so rest assured knowing there will be no cutting corners when it comes time for final inspection on any work completed here. This means not just making sure standard upholstering methods are followed but also checking any custom work done inside your vehicle too in case something was forgotten along the way ensuring everything looks perfect before its delivered back out onto the roads again! And if there are ever any issues whatsoever with anything related to their services simply reach out directly via email or phone call – You can rest assured knowing their team will respond promptly with solutions! 

If you're seeking excellent service combined with style and affordability than there is no better option than Durham Upholsteery located conveniently in Seattle WA! Exquisite work meets outstanding prices at this local establishment making it easy to recommend them without hesitation if ever anyone should ask about finding exceptional automotive interior design services!